Education System, now-a-days, is mainly theoretical. It lacks proper practical training for starting a business. Existing business houses do not generally share their decisive business strategies with any employee. However, there are many deserving candidates who can start and run a successful business, provided a practical training is imparted. Supply of Under-graduates/Graduates/Post-graduates is increasing day-by-day in the system for securing job whereas number of new business personnel who are coming into the system is negligible.

Mr.J.P.Kanodia, Managing Director, Unique Organics Limited, a Star Export House, having its business all over the world (having about 22 yrs of experience),in order to bring deserving entrepreneurs in to the business system, has initiated innovative thinking to begin with practical classes enabling determined candidates to start their own export business and run it successfully.

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Why choose us?

At it is a training in form of sharing of practical experiences in doing agricultural exports on day to day basis by which one can understand risk involved in export and practical remedies thereof, how to tact potential buyers, how to make a quotation and other practical training given by the Managing Director of Unique Organics Ltd.

How to export agro-products?

In order to start agro exports one must choose the products as well as the target market and then analyze the risk and opportunity. Everything would be completely based on our courses.


Have leadership in integration of teaching and learning the art of practical application of entrepreneurial skills with an abode object to prepare young team of business minds to be able to start confidently business of manufacturing and exports in complex global society.


To provide a gateway of opportunity for educated and determined youth to acquire real entrepreneurial skills for undertaking business of manufacturing and exports of products. Business minds will make sure the students acquire the skills they will need in complex global MARKET. Mission clearly envisages the educated and dedicated youth will improve life of self and his/her family and thus to play a significant role in today’s complex global society.